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Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms

  Welcome, to everyone who’s ever gazed at a computer and thought, “I want to make you smarter!”   Machine Learning (ML) , a subset of artificial intelligence, is like teaching your computer to fish rather than just giving it a fish. Except replace ‘fish’ with ‘problem-solving capabilities’. Fun analogy, isn’t it? Brace yourself for an exciting journey through the wild west of machine learning algorithms. #1. Decision Trees: Make Choices Like a Machine Third, we introduce Decision Trees, the ultimate decision-making buddy. These algorithms work just like the game 20 Questions — you know, the one where you’re allowed to ask 20 yes-or-no questions to guess what the other person is thinking of? Decision Trees work similarly by splitting data into smaller subsets, making decisions at each node until they arrive at a prediction. It’s like navigating a maze by taking one turn at a time, and before you know it — voila! — you’ve found the cheese. But wait, there’s more! Decision Trees can hand