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Programming Languages for Building Operating Systems

Building an operating system is a complex and low-level task, and the choice of programming languages is critical.  Here are some of the programming languages commonly used for building operating systems: 1. Assembly Language : Assembly is the lowest-level programming language and is often the primary choice for OS development. It allows for direct control over the hardware and provides a level of detail required for an OS. 2. C: C is widely used in OS development due to its efficiency, low-level system access, and portability. Many parts of popular operating systems, like the Linux kernel, are written in C. 3. C++: While less common than C, C++ is used in some modern operating systems. It offers additional features like object-oriented programming and can be used for certain parts of an OS. 4. Rust: Rust has gained popularity for OS development, particularly for its memory safety features and performance. It provides low-level control without some of the pitfalls of C or C++. 5. Ada