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What is the call stack and use of call stack in JavaScript?

Introduction A call stack is a data structure that keeps track of the functions that are currently being executed in a JavaScript program. It is a stack data structure, which means that functions are added to the top of the stack when they are called, and they are removed from the top of the stack when they return. The call stack is used by the JavaScript engine to keep track of the execution context of each function. The execution context of a function includes information such as the function's name, its arguments, its local variables, and its scope chain. The call stack is also used to debug JavaScript programs. When a JavaScript error occurs, the call stack can be used to track down the source of the error. How the Call Stack Works When a JavaScript program starts executing, the JavaScript engine creates a global execution context. This is the topmost function on the call stack. When a function is called, the JavaScript engine creates a new function execution context for the fu