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Interview Questions for React Developer

As a React developer, you’ll eventually experience the urge to take that next large step into a senior role. Many of us stay stuck as a junior or mid-level developer, even as we get more experienced.  Here are some very common interview questions you may be asked while interviewing for a senior -level position as a React developer. 1. Can you describe a situation where you had to optimize a React application to improve its performance? How did you go about doing this? ⨠ As a candidate for a senior React developer position, you will be expected at times to know how to optimize a React app for better performance. Understanding React’s lifecycle and hooks can help with this. Some ways of optimizing a React app’s performance can include Avoiding unnecessary rerenders Using a UID (unique identifier) when rendering lists Using hooks such as useMemo and useCallback to memoize expense functions Mounting checks. 2. How do you handle state management in a large React application? ⨠   There are