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Advance Internet Technology (AIT) Questions & Answers

Assignment -1 (AIT) Q- What is the purpose of web testing tools? Give examples of some commonly used web testing tools and their functionalities. Ans - Purpose of Web Testing Tools: Web testing tools are software applications designed to comprehensively evaluate various aspects of a web application or website. Their primary function is to identify and expose potential issues before a website goes live, ensuring a high-quality and user-friendly experience. These tools streamline the testing process by automating repetitive tasks and providing in-depth insights into functionality, performance, security, and compatibility. Common Web Testing Tools and Functionalities: Here's a glimpse into some popular web testing tools and their functionalities: Selenium: This open-source powerhouse automates web browser interactions. It excels at recording and replaying user actions, along with creating scripts to test specific functionalities within a web application. Cypress: Another open-sourc