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The Top 5 Best JavaScript Frameworks

  Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks 1. Node.js 2. React 3. Vue.js 4. Angular 5. Ember.js What is a JavaScript framework? A JavaScript framework is a collection of pre-written code built to support applications and provide benefits that plain JavaScript does not offer on its own. If the idea of frameworks still isn't clear, consider a tent. You build a frame to provide the tent's structure. You can then add whatever you want on the outside and the inside of the tent. Obviously, JavaScript frameworks aren't physical structures like in our tent, but the concept is similar. Before diving into the most popular JavaScript frameworks, let's take a moment to answer two common questions. How is a JavaScript framework different from a JavaScript library? JavaScript libraries are collections of code designed for specific use cases. For example, Day.js is a library dedicated to simplifying the usage of dates in JavaScript — which can be complex even for seasoned developers. Anothe