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Normalization in Database Management Systems

Normalization is a crucial concept in database management systems (DBMS) that ensures the efficiency, integrity, and reliability of relational databases. It is a process of organizing data in a database to minimize redundancy and dependency, thereby reducing data anomalies and improving data integrity. Let's delve into the key principles and stages of normalization in DBMS: Purpose of Normalization : The primary goal of normalization is to design a database schema that minimizes redundancy and dependency while preserving data integrity and consistency. By eliminating duplicate data and organizing data into logical structures, normalization reduces the risk of data anomalies such as insertion, update, and deletion anomalies. This ensures that the database remains accurate, reliable, and easy to maintain as it evolves over time. Normalization Forms : Normalization is typically carried out in multiple stages, each represented by a normalization form. The most commonly used normalizati